Custom Written Software For businesses

Custom written software is used by businesses everywhere whose company IT objectives cannot be met solely with off-the-shelf software. Whilst enterprise solutions offer extensive functionality, most businesses find that there are some aspects of their unique processes that only custom written software can support. It may be that the custom written software is actually integrated into their enterprise off-the-shelf system to extend its functionality or make it more user-friendly.

Smaller businesses may find that off-the-shelf solutions are too expensive or that the pricing structures are really formed around bigger companies. It’s not cost effective for them to go down that route at this stage of their lifecycle and they opt instead to commission a piece of custom written software to meet their needs.

custom written software

Perhaps the custom written software will be a product that they’re going to sell or perhaps it will make sure their operational processes can run smoothly. In either case, they will go through a process to define what functionality they need and will commission a software development company to build the software.

When companies start out, they often use very simple software solutions such as spreadsheets or basis SaaS cloud platforms. As the company grows, they find that they have a whole patchwork of solutions and that their business simply cannot grow any further without something more coherent to support their needs. This is an excellent stage to start looking at how a fairly simple piece of custom written software can replace the medley of IT solutions that are currently in place.

Due to this organic growth of IT in a business, custom written software often needs to be carefully planned to replace quite a complicated and inefficient situation. People in the business may need a lot of support to realise that their lives will be a lot easier once the custom written software is in place.

People get attached to doing things in the same way they’ve always done it although some team members may be very enthusiastic because they are tired of working in these inefficient ways to complete their daily tasks. They may be entering the same data in various locations or they may be doing tasks manually that they can see could easily be achieved automatically by a piece of custom written software.

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